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Interview Chelsea Wolfe

By Ronny Schröder November 4, 2019 0 min read

Interview with Chelsea Wolfe 

“ESDE” stands for ‘devoted students/disciples of experience.’ Do you see yourself as an “Ergebener Schüler der Erfahrung?” What does this mean for you in your personal life? 

 I take heart in knowing that true care and craftsmanship went into what I carry, and maybe even a little magic

CW: Yes! I’ve been a disciple of experience for 10 years now, since I released my first record, but also I’ve been a student of this life since I was a child. I grew up in a musical household; my father was in a country band when I was little. I’d stay up late, watching him open for big country artists in California towns, then fall asleep in the back of the car on the ride home. I didn’t know then that I was being prepared for a life of being on tour – stage lights and late nights, a new city every morning. But looking back, the most important element of this musical education of my childhood was the home studio. 

I’d go to my father’s house on the weekends and creep into the home studio, overhearing the band practicing original songs and Fleetwood Mac covers, or capturing a few free moments where he would teach me a few things on the keyboard or guitar, and how to record on the Tascam 8-track he eventually gave me. I started writing my own songs by age 9 with my sisters on backup vocals. It took me many years from that point to gain the personal courage to take on music as a career, but what I learned during those years was the importance of practice, perseverance, and honesty: to be true to myself as a songwriter became the most important element of my work.. And although that path didn’t grant me overnight success, it has allowed me a beautiful journey through the world and my own creative mind to create my own path in this wild business of music. 

What is the essential essence of ESDE for you?

CW: I sense in ESDE a real kinship: hard work, time, patience, and again, that key element of honesty – all of these things are gloriously reflected in the creations that ESDE produces. To find other creators who are mutually inspired and maybe even kindred spirits, even when their craft is different, is stirring and special and motivating, and I feel blessed for that. I carry ESDE bags with me everywhere I go, whether it’s just to the local grocery shop, or on an airplane towards a new adventure. I take heart in knowing that true care and craftsmanship went into what I carry, and maybe even a little magic. 

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Chelsea Wolfe