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This is the small version of our new Die Dame bag, this is made based on the idea of the very first model in the history of ESDE. The Kl.29.

Its the reinterpreted more feminine version, it has the same characteristics but in this soft white leather it's something unique and different. We only have an really limited amount of this beautiful white calf leather. I will take the piece off as soon as we run out of leather! If you interested in this piece in another color just drop us a short line.

What does #fckfcrna mean? In the first days it was simply my battle cry, but it becomes my motivation trigger to create more than ever before and try out colors and other materials. We are still scared and confused but also fully packed with motivation and optimism. Check out the full collection, all pieces are really special and only temporary.⁠

messenger bag
one flap with buckled strap
beautiful raw leather internal
one inner pocket & one on the back
pure patinated brass hardware
attached adjustable strap with a lenght of 120cm
this item comes in a ESDE-dustbag
W7cm × L22cm × H19cm

Our bags are made of 100% german vegetal tanned cow leather so its worthy of love and care. 

Leather is a natural product which never stop working. The more you wear a bag the more it becomes a part of you and your lifestyle. 

This is why you should obey some rules of care we created for your ESDE bag to last for life.

1. Care

Try to keep it from high humidity, liquids like cream, make up, perfume or even water. Just in case you dab it with a dry, non coloured cotton cloth.

Slight scratches can be removed by a light massage with a cotton cloth or just with your finger tips.

2. Storage 

Keep your bag in the provided dustbag, do not expose it to the direct sun.

3. Working leather 

What kind of bag typ are you? Leather is always working. If you carry heavy things in your bag over and over again your bag will adjust to this weight and size. 

Every step producing an ESDE bag contents love and passion. 

The vegetabil tanned 100% cow leather always brings tonal variations, structure and marks. That is no sign of imperfection but shows the exact opposite – a handcrafted, with passion created unique product. 




Smartphone 6,1``

tablet 11``

Wallets (M)

Das manifest


Every stitching, every detail is handmade in our Düsseldorf atelier – by a very limited, specially trained amount of hands. We collected our tools all over the world. They all are essential elements of our work routine: leather is a living material and needs to be treated accordingly. It is not static, but reacts to any outside influence and never stops evolving. 


We reduce familiar forms to their essence, which we reinterpret and perfect for the highest demands. This results in a timeless design which draws its modernity from its eclecticism. Unpretentious, functional Couture products.


The result of our work is an indestructible, natural product that gets even more appealing, handy and interesting with age. Just like its owner, it never stops maturing. It grows closer to him, bears evidence to his experiences and becomes a part of his very own story.


We are devoted disciples of experience. Our attitude towards life expresses itself through every of our ESDE pieces: personal experience, genuine love for the interconnection of design and craftsmanship – and faith in a truly creative process which gives birth to something new. 

A German Story

I incorporate my personal experiences and try to express the acquired clarity and directness through everything I do and produce. A childhood and adolescence in East Germany, the sometimes chaotic warmth of a large family, wild years in Berlin and, finally, the incorporation of an own little company in Düsseldorf are the main chapters of my story. 

This is how it works

I. Enter what ever you want your grandmas name, yours or even your pets name. We will produce a special stamp for your chosen product. No matter if it is a bag, wallet or belt we are able to personalize it.

Do you want it even more custom?

II. Do you want your own logo or something special instead of your initials? No problem, we can do that for you. Just write us a whatsapp or an email to get an offer


III. With your next order, you do not have to think about a new stamp. We keep your stamp for your next orders.