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By moe July 29, 2019 0 min read

Wir sind ergebene Schüler der Erfahrung 


We are devoted disciples of experience. Our attitude towards life expresses itself through every of our ESDE piece: personal experience, genuine love for the interconnection of design and craftsmanship – and faith in a truly creative process which gives birth to something new. We believe that the best does not have to follow a trend but will always stand for itself. Everything that leaves our atelier has lived, worked and breathed with us.

Functional Couture

We reduce familiar forms to their essence, which we reinterpret and perfect for the highest demands. This results in a timeless design which draws its modernity from its eclecticism. Unpretentious, functional couture products.

Nostalgia and Romanticism

The result of our work is an indestructible, natural product that gets even more appealing, handy and interesting with age. Just like its owner, it never stops maturing. It grows closer to him, bears evidence to his experiences and becomes a part of his very own story. Our first bag – Die Frau – tells the story of covetousness taking solid shape. An extraordinary love for the one woman inspired and motivated the task to create a masterpiece for her: one in which all her qualities would be united.


Our leather goes through a complex, multi-step production process that almost entirely does without electricity. We collected our tools all over the world. They all are essential elements of our work routine: leather is a living material and needs to be treated accordingly. It is not static, but reacts to any outside influence and never stops evolving. Thus, every step needs to be especially considerate. Every stitching, every detail is handmade in our Düsseldorf based atelier – by a very limited, specially trained amount of hands.

A German Story

We incorporate our personal experiences and try to express the acquired clarity and directness through everything we do and produce. A childhood and adolescence in East Germany, the sometimes chaotic warmth of a large family, wild years in Berlin and, finally, the incorporation of an own little company in Düsseldorf are the main chapters of this story. It bears witness to the many facets of life and to an encompassing, German perspective – one that scarcely becomes tangible through pieces of work.

The brand ESDE is not only my brainchild – it is my own story and the evolution of the brand are interwoven on countless levels.

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