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Why ESDE is not for you.

Of course, I only mean if you’re one of those people who are out to jump on the next fast fashion trend. Just keep going if you prefer to pant after dubious “branded products”. If you prefer to be left in the dark when it comes to production chains and material origins, then better keep your tunnel vision. But even if you are into any supposed last-minute bargains, this is the end of the line.

Ok, hold on, hold on: Of course, all of this is meant to be purely provocative. You are someone who values ​​everything that the above passengers seem to be lacking, right? You know what? You have come to the right place here with us. Now please get out briefly and have a look at the timetable before continuing.

Are these points just as important to you as they are to me and my customers?

  • Timeless design that does not try to ingratiate itself with any trends.
  • Unusual leather treatments and complex cutting techniques. 
  • To know who produced your piece (with a face and the hands, too).
  • To be able to understand where the material comes from.
  • A production that works 85-90% without electricity.
  • And you see fashion as wearable art and an investment.

Openness, transparency and humanity

If it is important to you that brands are open, honest and transparent, then you are like me.

If you are ready to save for maybe even a year on a new piece, you will appreciate it a lot more. You will put it in bed next to you, fall asleep with it and enjoy it every day. I have a soft spot for dishes (among other things). For years I have been collecting Astier de Vilatte with my wife. Every year we only buy two pieces (that’s all we can afford) and I love every single one of these pieces. (It took three years to get all of the breakfast plates together.)

I hope I can show you that ESDE wants to be one of those labels. With ESDE I decided six years ago to approach a business that seems only too happy to hide behind mysterious stories with complete openness.

If that appeals to you, then ESDE could be just your thing.

Now, this is really the end of the line. As the last remaining passenger, I cordially invite you to sit with me a little longer and enjoy the view. If you want, I’ll tell you one or two anecdotes about ESDE. 

Cheers Ronny


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