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What kind of bag should you invest in the first time?

By Ronny Schröder July 27, 2021 4 min read

What kind of bag should you invest in the first time? 

Have you saved for quite a while and are now about ready to buy your first ESDE bag? A process that sometimes takes weeks and months. (At least that’s how I often feel, almost always.) Practical, beautiful, eye-catching, reserved, large, small, mini – which of these properties should your first ESDE bag have? ESDE bags are small investments and therefore a well-considered decision must be made, which is not always easy. I’ll try to help you shake some of those question marks by providing some food for thought, but the decision is entirely up to you.

Tip 1. What’s the occasion?

Before we talk about prices or size, let’s talk about the different uses for your new ESDE bag. As a first model, it is advisable to choose a bag that you can carry and use as often as possible. Would my first choice be a clutch? Honestly, no. Only if you already have your perfect everyday bag in your possession. Otherwise I would try to find one of those first. 

Think about what you need for every day. Lay all of the things that you always need and want with you out on the table . Try to find an approximate size based on those things and determine a model that fits your needs. 

Tip 2. Which bag size is best for the first investment?

Even though we are all fans of superlatives, I would tend towards the golden medium here. Classic midsize handbags are generally the most popular for a reason. Die Frau (M), Doktor Doktor (S) or the Kl.29 are three models that come to mind immediately (if they fit your budget). Otherwise, smaller models, like the Versorger (S) or my Anpassung, are great starters due to their unbeatable versatility. You can use them for every occasion and the price is not immediately the top limit. 

Tip 3. How much influence should the price have on your decision?

Let’s talk money. The price is a part of the decision-making process that should not be dismissed. It is most important that you set yourself a clear limit. Nevertheless, my tip is that it might be better to wait a little longer, instead of taking the cheaper model, even though you might have had your eye on a different, more expensive one. My promise to you is that you will still be able to get almost any model in 15 years, though it might not be made from the exact same material. So you can take your time.

Tip 4. What color should your first one be?

pic of veg. tanned leather

You can’t go wrong with black for both resale value and most avant-garde wardrobes. In order not to make it so easy for you, this is of course not always true and not for everyone. Open your closet, see what color most of your shoes are and find out for yourself what suits you best. And what will therefore make you happy the longest. Muted colors have proven themselves over most decades, that much should be said;)

Tip 5. If you want, I’ll be happy to help!

I hope that these tips have helped you and will make it a little easier to make up your mind. If you still don’t know what to do, please just contact me. Show me your closet and let’s find your perfect first piece together.

Did you know?

I cordially invite you to a video consultation and I would be happy to guide you through your decision-making phase. I can show you the different models and we can try to find out together what it is that you really want and need. If you want to make an appointment, just have a look here? Or write to me at or on Facebook or Instagram.

PS: Did you see the filter function on the website? We have set it so that it can help you to find out which model is right for you with the help of the tips above.


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