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By Ronny Schröder July 13, 2021 2 min read

Where does the name ESDE come from?

A short story long

Imagine it’s 2014 and there I am (Ronny), lying on the living room couch. My 2014 self is terribly stressed by his job. I’m watching a 6 hour documentary about Leonardo DaVinci. What a brilliant mess of a man – he left us no more than 15 finished paintings, but more than 4,000 sketches, all of them visionary. One gets the impression that he had a time machine and every time he returned from his travels, he obsessively tried to depict the things he had seen in his wild sketches.

Completely exhausted, I dragged myself to bed afterwards. The documentary was interesting, but I didn’t attach any particular importance to it and was annoyed to have stayed up so late again.

That should change the next morning. I woke up and the following words were on the tip of my tongue, like they had been etched into it: 

Ergebener Schüler Der Erfahrung (Devoted Student of Experience).

I had the feeling that this credo had determined my whole life. According to Google, what I was experiencing was called cryptomnesia following the documentary about Leonardo D.. That same day, as the leather craft had already played a role in my life, I booked the domain.

After the domain was registered, I called my incredibly talented friend, handletter artist Tobias Saul. Both of us knew immediately in which direction we wanted to go and the logo was created on the abstracted basis of the Vitruvian Man by DaVinci. Boom. ESDE was born. 

pic of an handlettering from tobias saul
Illustration from Tobias Saul

The foundation was laid and that morning the ESDE brand emerged from what was originally a hobby and my personal stress therapy approach. 

To this day, that’s what I use to describe myself.

It is what I try to raise my children by and how I have oriented my life. A devoted student of experience means being willing to learn anything you want. It means not giving up and trusting in yourself to be able to achieve anything. I firmly believe that talent is based on an intrinsic basic motivation.

Every ESDE piece is proof of what we can achieve if we want it enough. I hope it motivates and reminds you every time you wear it to pursue your dreams and not give up, no matter what anybody else says.


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