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Pro´s and Con´s of Belt Bags

By Ronny Schröder March 16, 2021 4 min read

So you are interested in Belt Bags?

The first thing that needs to be clarified here is what we actually mean when we talk about belt bags. In this article I summarize the most important facts, pros and cons about Belt Bags. So that afterwards you will hopefully have a good idea of ​​whether they are for you or not. But be warned – if you want to avoid getting one, don’t read any further 😉

What exactly are Belt Bags?

Basically, all bags that dangle in some form from a belt and can be worn on the hip are belt bags.

For this article I use belt bags as a generic term and include the following modified and related types: fanny packs, waist bags, chest rigs, bum bags, as well as special crossbody bags and of course all those that really hang on a belt.

In order to show you the different carrying options, I did not shy away from recording this first-class, high-quality video for you.

How to wear Belt Bags?

This should actually answer your question: “Are Belt Bags still in Style in 2021?”. 

I’ve always had a great fascination with these types of bags. They’re compact (in most cases), practical (almost always), and the right model can make your look totally unique (or goofy). I myself almost exclusively carry a neck pouch „Der Brustbeutel“, which I include in the “Belt Bags” category for arguments’ sake.

Where do these bags come from and how long have they been around? 

The oldest one that I was able to find is from our Ötzi, whom they found frozen in the Alps with a belt bag around his waist. This means that this bag is around 5,300 years old. Here you can find a pretty detailed description of the original piece.

And ever since then we have found them everywhere where the most important belongings were carried directly on the body. Be it with the knights, who had small sacks made from the tanned testicles of cattle hanging on their belts as a wallet or, somewhat later, with Californian skateboarders (who supposedly created the way of carrying today’s fanny packs).

What they all had in common over the past 5,000 years was the following – due to their nature and their closeness to the body, Belt Bags are the perfect bags to always have your most basic things with you. They are not meant to lug around a lot of stuff. Rather, they are for your cell phone, keys, glasses, wallet, lipstick, weed, a talisman, and possibly for your camera. It is a perfect addition to your backpack, messenger or tote bag. Then you’ll never have to rummage around to get your keys.

Pros and Cons of Belt Bags:


+ “#TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)” Well, if this type of bag can do anything it is to give you freedom. That’s why it’s seen so often in the military, the police, and skateboarding. Forms Follows Funktion.

+ Safety. Since most of them are worn somewhere in front of the chest, they are difficult for sticky-fingered people to relieve. Best Practice: In a crowded city, when the bag is flat, like our “Versorger”, it is perfect to wear under the jacket. 

+ Compact, small and light. There are exceptions, of course, but for most of them it’s true. 

+ Very variable. Most belt bags are designed to be carried in a number of ways.


– Just as there are benefits to being small, it is sometimes out of place. So almost no belt bag will carry your laptop.

– They can get crowded/over-filled and are far from practical at that point.

So who are belt bags for?

Belt bags are small, useful statements. Well combined, they complement every outfit. Whether a boiled wool jacket, a silk evening dress, or a leather jacket dipped in liquid rubber. It is for everyone who wants to have their most important things close at hand, but who finds jacket pockets annoying. If you’d rather carry around all of your household items, receipts from the last 3 years, and your sports gear, then this might not be quite the right thing (but of course you could just carry it along with your duffel bag).

One more thing before you go.

If you are curious about my idea of ​​Belt Bags, I invite you to take a look around here.


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