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By Ronny Schröder June 22, 2021 4 min read

This article is about answering the question of what is the best way to safely stow your leather bags. 

If you are just looking for a list of the 6 most important points, please scroll down to the bottom.

Everybody else, this way please. Is there a right way to store them? Without getting too philosophical, I think it’s a fair question. Okay, neither of us probably want the bag to mold. However, different characters have different ideas about the beautiful or correct development of their leather bag. That’s why I’ve portrayed three of the most important people in my life and summarized how they treat their ESDE pieces. I chose not to use their names – I don’t want anyone to get angry with me. Love you all.

Type A / The Merciless

Tyb A

Perhaps the most blatant of the three types when it comes to not storing things safely.

Precisely for this reason, it is all the more important to illustrate how great the difference in views can be with regard to storage and care. There is no off-season, from the very first day the piece is thrown on the floor, lies next to the sliding table saw in dust and shavings. Or sit in the window to sunbathe – rain, snow, forest fire, hurricane, whatever. 

A direct quote: “It only becomes really beautiful once it looks a bit frayed.” If you were to ask Type A whether he has ever put the bag in a dust bag, the answer would be: “Why would I do that?”

His idea never was and never will be to try to make the bag look like it did on the first day. He wants to break it in like a 21uz Denim and after 2 years of this relentless martyrdom the bag is just as he wants it. Not broken, but finally used and made his own. Stains, discolorations, the smell, scratches – all of this tells his own personal love story.

Type B / The Analytical Organizer

tyb B

Probably just another extreme is my friend, Type B. Every bag has its (designated) space in the closet. After each use, the bag is brushed off and then placed in a dust bag in the closet. All bags are maintained on a regular basis and carefully put back in their designated spot. Certain colors are not used on particularly sunny days and they are never left out in the sun. His main concern is to preserve the look of the bag from day one as precisely as possible.

It’s especially funny when Type A and Type B look at their same bags after a year has passed.

And Type B just expresses his love by taking care of his piece with such care.

Type C / Mr. Average

my wife Sarah with her bag ;)

Then of course there is type C. I would choose this as my personal recommendation. But only because I think he unites the best of both worlds.

His pieces are worn every day for a couple of weeks. No maintenance to the point where everything is transferred from one bag to the other. Then it is caressed a little with a cotton cloth and placed in the dust bag and in the closet. Until the point in time when it is used again. Certain pieces, such as belt bags, are actually never placed in the dust bag. They hang in the hallway, always at hand for the next adventure. Attempts are made to ensure that they are not forgotten in the window. But that’s it.

What do all types have in common? 

They all love leather for its very different aspects. Type A loves that it oxidizes and discolors, Type B likes that too, but tries to slow the process down. C doesn’t worry about any of that and loves its longevity. 

In order to answer the question “How do I store it correctly?”, You have to decide how you want your piece to look in the future. 

6 tips that should or can be observed when storing leather bags for a long time.

1. Brush the bag before giving it a break.

2. Stow them in your ESDE Dust Bag, which we painted especially for you.

3. Place them upright in the closet (do not hang, stack or lay).

4. Close the closet door to prevent it from getting too much sun.

5. Make sure that it is not in a damp place or somewhere too warm.

6. After a long period of storage, check on it and maintain it a little every few years.


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