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How long does the production take?

By Ronny Schröder March 3, 2021 3 min read

How long does the production of my new ESDE BAGS need?

I (Ronny) in particular, as an incredibly impatient person, can well understand that waiting 29 days for your bag to be produced can feel like lying on the rack. I now order all of my books from a small bookstore around the corner from the studio. Ordering English book titles can easily take 6 weeks. With the big “A”, the title would usually be there the next day. What I mean by that is actually the following: Anticipation, after all, is the greatest joy. And here are a few reasons why it pays to be patient:

One of the most frequently asked questions that keeps getting back to me is:

How long does it take to produce my bag?

Basically, one thing must be noted here. Our bags are made-to-order, which means that each part is individually manufactured by us for its new owner.

Why is this bag production taking so long????

On the website, under the products, we wrote that production takes between 5-29 days. Why is it that it varies so much?

> Only two pairs of hands manufacture all ESDE pieces.

> There may be other orders before your own.

> You have chosen a very complicated bag.

> We have to order the material.

These are just a few of the points, but I think you can see where I’m going with this. The absolute minimum, even if we do everything in Super-Express-Mode, is always going to be 3 days for production. 4 -forever hours of pure manual work on the respective pieces. Afterwards it’s at least 2 days for the finish. This includes our special technique of washing leather, possibly dyeing with metal, in any case the drying phase and, last but not least, “the final oiling”.

4 reasons why it is worth waiting for your ESDE-BAG?

1. After this relatively short period of time, your ESDE BAG can accompany you throughout your life. True to the motto: “Rome wasn‘t built in a day.”

2. A piece made just for you, which can be adapted or personalized for you.

3. The made-to-order principle enables us to offer you significantly more options for colors and materials.

4. You support an independent brand instead of falling into the trap of a fast fashion chain..

In summary, we can agree that this month, that you might have to wait at most, is only a fraction of the time that you will be spending with your bag. With a little care, it can accompany you forever and possibly also bring joy to your offspring. Just like my grandfather’s satchel does for me.

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