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How can I order?

By Ronny Schröder April 7, 2021 3 min read

So, if I have to decide on the “Number One” question that I get asked the most, it is probably this: 

How can I order?

First things first: It’s now easier than ever. Actually only 3 steps are required.

  1. Go to my website and start rummaging.
  2. Find the piece that you like best and click “Buy”. 
  3. Receive the bag that has been built just for you and complement your individual look. 

Sure, this is very simplified, but it can go more or less the same way.

Since many of my customers, maybe you too, come to me directly via Instagram, it is often not immediately clear how to place an order. Here are the 3 ways you can get to your destination (your ESDE bag):

3 ways to your ESDE Bag

Option 1. Contact me directly, regardless of how: InstagramDM, email (, WhatsApp, phone (+49 160 92301136). 

Then we go through your order together, I prepare everything and send you a payment request via PayPal or Stripe (credit card).

Option 2. Find your favorite item in the online shop. Put it in your shopping cart, enter your address details and choose one of the payment options. 

These are the payment options in our webstore: 

  • PayPal express check out
  • PayPal installment payment (is not available for everyone and in every country), here is the link
  • PayPal PayLater Invoice (not available for everyone and in every country)
  • credit card payment (Stripe)
  • prepayment

We have an extensive online shop. 

(A little tip: My webstore is mobile-first. That means, in my opinion, you can best enjoy it on the couch, with your mobile phone in hand.)

Here I tried, with lots of pictures, videos, and 360-degree recordings, to present the products as well as possible. My latest project is 3-minute explanatory videos for each product. These should give you the opportunity to take a look at everything in advance. BUT: It will take a while before each product really has its own video. Please give me some time.

Which brings us to another point: I love talking to my customers. And if you would like to see your bag in advance, I cordially invite you to a video chat. I would like to introduce you to your chosen piece personally. It’s fun and I can better answer your personal questions.

Option 3. Have a look at the stores or the websites of my dealers. I have some that have great curated selections of my pieces in their stores. You can find a list of my current dealers here STOCKISTS.

So, I hope I have answered your questions. Last but not least, I would like to tell you that I am very happy to accompany you on your hunt for your new bag. My goal is to make everything as simple, beautiful and safe as possible.

If you have tips and suggestions about the online shop or Instagram, bring them on. Please contact me personally at

I have another article that might interest you and that relates to the following question: How long does the production of my bag take? 


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