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By Ronny Schröder January 1, 2019 3 min read

What the heck does Future Vintage mean?

Admittedly: we have always had a thing for nostalgic pieces with a unique story and usability.

The whole idea of vintage is inscribed deeply into our brand DNA – the patina as a sign of passing time, the romantic associations of owning and loving something that has been owned and loved before. We didn’t want to stop there, but decided to write our own chapter: Future Vintage. The second bag I designed bears witness to this mission – called KL.29, it was inspired by a conductor’s bag. The railway it was used on got inaugurated on 9.27.1825.

Fashion shoot on the streets of Paris

But let’s start with a question: what is so magical about vintage pieces?

First of all, we will always remember where and how we found them. We were the ones who discovered them in the first place! But, even more importantly: they have a special, inimitable quality. That soft, smooth surface. The smell of time. All of that is a major source of inspiration for whatever we do. Did you know we use the same leathers, work with the same methods that were applied to your favorite vintage model? And maybe you also didn’t know that these precious materials take time and love to develop their special, magic touch. That is because the result of our work is an indestructible, natural product that gets even more appealing, handy and interesting with age. Just like its owner, it never stops maturing. It grows closer to him, bears evidence to his experiences and becomes a part of his very own story.

Fashion shoot on the streets of Paris

So don’t be confused when your new ESDE bag feels a little stiff when you first get to hold it. This just proves that the work on this particular piece has now entered the second stage – wearing, embracing, using it is just as important for the transformation of the bag into something special, as our production process. Take it as a unique chance to leave your own impression on it, over years to come.

We recommend you take a picture on the day your bag arrives. Wear it every day, wherever you go, whatever you do. Make it share the life you live. And let us be a part of it, too – we are so fond of our products that we would love to watch them growing up. Send us a picture after one year, after two years, after ten years.

Fashion shoot on the streets of Paris

With an ESDE bag, you invest in future nostalgia.

You invest in a companion that remembers everything and makes you remember everything you shared. No two bags will ever look alike – the longer they stick to their owner, the more distinguished they become. And this uncontested feeling we get when stumbling upon an unexampled vintage piece… that is exactly what your kids will get when, one day, they hold your bag in their hands. Imagine that. None of our bags are dependent on trends or changing tastes. They are all timeless in the best possible way. Take the KL.29 as a bright example for that – with its original shape dating back to as far as 1825, its reinterpreted state is still loved and cherished today. 

Fashion shoot on the streets of Paris

Your new ESDE bag. Take it as a unique chance to create a future treasure that people will go crazy to touch. It’s all in your hands.

Fotoshooting in Paris captured while the fashion week by Arseniy Grobovnikov

Text: Manuel Iljitsch


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