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“Without Die Frau, maybe ESDE would have never happened”

By Ronny Schröder January 1, 2019 3 min read

Our very first bag “Die Frau”, tells the story of desire taking solid shape.

Upps here should be a wonderfull picture of "Die Frau"

An extraordinary love for that one woman inspired and motivated the task to create a masterpiece for her: one in which all her qualities would be reflected. Or, to put it more simply – I just couldn’t find the perfect bag for my wife, so I decided to make one myself. One that would get its incentive from everything she embodies, everything she means to me. A strong outside with a soft inner core. One that would convey the feeling of wholeness in all of its aspects: somebody and something that has always been sure of its character and knows where to go. A one-piece-pattern, in the actual and figurative sense.

Sarah and I have been going through life together for ten years now. Back then, and despite 700 kilometers between us, we decided to get married after only nine months. I guess you could say we were pretty sure of what the right thing to do was. I would always do it the exact same way again, and I think she would, too. But life takes its turns: we moved places together several times, went through ups and downs.

Yet we always stuck to what is most important in life, to the source of our strength and love. 

And we got rewarded with two wonderful children and two amazing dogs – making life infinitely more beautiful, more chaotic and positively challenging every day. This whole story forms part of what I mean when I say Meine Frau. And, which is basically the same thing, it forms part of how Die Frau turned out. You have already guessed that the production process of Die Frau requires extra care.

A sweet shot of me (Ronny) and the initiator of this article my wife.

The production process of die Frau

First of all, the leather is carefully cut by hand. All the edges get hand-colored. The holes, through which the hand seam will later run, are prepared. Then the details, including the handle, get sewn and attached. Simultaneously, the inner part of the bag gets manufactured. The framing seam is set by hand. After this process, the bag-to-be is washed and put into form. Extra attention needs to be paid to the drying technique, which we developed over years. After drying, the bag gets tumbled and finally oiled for a subtle shine and feel. 

Die Frau is elegant and strong without bragging about it. As with all our products, she is the result of reduction: breaking familiar forms down to their essence, which we reinterpret and perfect for the highest demands. This results in a timeless design which draws its modernity from its eclecticism. Unpretentious and functional, she keeps her secrets for the right person, at the right moment. She is eccentric in her simplicity. Her shape is nostalgic, reminiscent of slower times. But her character is prepared for the future. A woman’s way of dreaming, by the way, is never pointless: whatever she imagines, she can achieve. Die Frau is not simply a beautiful couture product, but one that will go every way with you. A Couture Companion, if you like.

“As variable as any special woman in this world, come and take a look to the different sizes, variations  and lose your heart”


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