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By Ronny Schröder June 15, 2021 3 min read

The studio-workshop-production living room

More and more customers want to know not only how, but also where our products are made. In a society in which the big corporations hide their modern slave labor behind flimsy “Woman Empowering” and “Diversity” advertising campaigns, the question is understandable. And important!

First of all: My studio is my playroom. It smells of leather, coffee and a subtle nuance of warm metal. The underlying humming of the next door neighbors’ CNC and something from indie to black metal fill the room. The skylights create such a soft light that you quickly get the feeling that you are in a still life from the turn of the century. When it’s very quiet, you can also hear one or two drops that have forced their way through a leak in the roof and fall onto the floor tiles.

pic of the atelier

I love this place. It used to be a lighter factory, now it’s the heart of ESDE. I spend half of my day here and for me work and life are inseparable. My children play and draw here occasionally. Some of my friends come over spontaneously for coffee or I just read a book on the couch. 

The pieces of furniture tell their own story. They come from everywhere. My love for industrial furniture, mixed with a few design classics, came about almost organically. The centerpiece is my work table, which I had custom-made especially. It was always my dream to have a table in this dimension: 300cm x 160cm x 4cm, multiplex;) Simply a dream.

A little anecdote on the side: My first studio, or rather my first storage room, was 150cm x 170cm in size. So practically half of this table. When I think about it now, I smile with a bit of melancholy. I also loved this small room very much.

Where do you buy the machines from?

I picked up the machines from all over the world. For some, I have driven hundreds of kilometers, others have long traveled on ships. All of them have been restored by me, partially restored or just sanded. Since there are usually no more manuals available, everything has to be taken apart and put back together again. Then you literally know them inside and out.

I have a crazy love and passion for old machines and tools. My workshop has the charm of a museum that teenagers break into at night and devastate everything in a wild party.

The studio is located in Germany / Düsseldorf on Bachstr. 66a.

Here we develop and produce every piece that bears the name ESDE. Vanessa and I build every piece that leaves our workshop from Monday to Friday. The weekend belongs to our families and the rooms have time to relax a little from us and the week.

But see for yourself. 


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