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By Ronny Schröder June 1, 2021 3 min read

I am often asked whether a Bag of my collection could still be adjusted or altered. An extra centimeter here (so that the vintage camera from 1961 fits), or the handle of that one instead (simply because you think it’s nicer). This one, made of the softer leather of that other one there. And can we perhaps put in a deeper gusset for the Versorger

The answer is simple and short. YES, I do it. I really enjoy doing it.

Zack! Almost everything has already been said. But since a blog post of this length would hardly be worthwhile, I have put together a few concrete examples with pictures and numbers for you. These are all changes we made over the last year. I hope they make it clear to you what is possible, and maybe also help you to better imagine your own order, with your individualization.

Furthermore, it should emphasized that I’m not afraid of “Frankenstein ESDE bags” 🧟 ♂️. To be honest, it’s a very creative process and it gives me new ideas and design inspiration at the same time.

It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive !!! ♂️🧟

Danny: “Can I have the handle of the Frau on the Rucksack?”

Danny asked me if I could put the handle of the Frau onto our Rucksack. The project was exciting. Not only did we change the handle, but we also went for one of my softer, limited edition leathers. This change alone feels to me like I’m creating a new piece every time. Sometimes the leather changes the overall look of a bag.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: Since we built an elaborate, hand-sewn, wet-formed handle here, I had to charge a surcharge of 160.00 EUR. The leather change is free of charge.

Yoshi: “Can I widen the Heiligtum by 2cm on each side?” 

This type of change is one of the most common. Your most important belongings just don’t fit in the bag? As luck would have it (or in this case, rather me), exactly two centimeters in length or depth are missing. How annoying! Spoiler alert: We’ll get that fixed.

For the adjustment of Yoshi’s Heiligtum, we took 50 EUR extra. Here the design was widened by 2cm. A relatively easy operation with great success – the camera fits perfectly.

James: “Can we make an XXL shopping bag out of the Tote (M)?”

Projects like this are a little different. Almost a custom order, but not quite, was this request from James. Can you increase the size of the Tote by 1/3 for me? “Sure, I’ll be happy to” – sometimes I like to ignore what that means exactly. A new pattern was needed, a lot more leather was used and the hand sewn seam felt half a meter longer.

The price of this project had to be 300 EUR more expensive. The only difference to a “one-of-a-kind” custom order is that the original concept of the bag could still be used.

How do I get my offer and consultation on a change?

If you have found your piece, but it does not fit your needs 100%, please contact me directly by email (, phone (0160-92301136), WhatsApp or simply via Instagram DM . 

It would be best, if you had ideas about these 3 points already in place.

  1. Which piece do you want?
  2. What changes should be made?
  3. Concrete dimensions or colors

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