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5 reasons why you need to have a backpack.

By Ronny Schröder July 20, 2021 3 min read

5 reasons why you need to have a backpack.

Ok, I think we’ve all got to that point: Your tote bag is so full that it very nearly detaches your arm from the rest of your body like a guillotine. Red welts at the end of the day should be a reminder that it’s time to rethink. Or rather, to repack. Everything out of the tote bag and into a backpack. Boom! And here are my 5 reasons why you need to have a backpack! Or should have one – in favor of your health;)

REASON NO. 1 – Backpacks are better for your back!

The reason why I almost exclusively use my Möbius Backpack is as follows: I’m just a hoarder. I always feel like I just may need everything again later in the day – a large DSLR camera, my Mac Book Pro, at least one book, a notebook, etc. I think you get what I’m trying to tell you. That package weighs an easy 8-10 kg. If I were to try to drag all of that the 1.8 km to or from my studio with a tote bag or messenger, I would probably be in the hospital later that day. And that’s where a backpack comes in super handy. It’s made to distribute the weight perfectly on your back. It supports you, instead of burdening just one side of your body. 

REASON NO. 2 – You have your hands free

My wife recently stood in front of me, looking at me like one of those Disney kittens, with big googly eyes. She asked me if I could make a small backpack for her so that she could have her hands free. Whenever she was out with our children, other bags turned out to be rather impractical. Who could have said no to that line of argument? The purses she had, hindered her because they usually slid forward at the wrong moment. That doesn’t happen to you with a backpack that sits nicely on your back and waits for its time to be of use, of course.

REASON NO. 3 – Lots of space to organize and store

Probably the best thing about backpacks is that you can stow your things neatly and perfectly divided. Thanks to various inner pockets and divisions, you can find everything at a glance and have it quickly to hand. Not like in a belt bag, but with a lot more space. 

REASON NO. 4 –A backpack is a fashion statement  

Hardly any other item is more conspicuous for adults than a beautiful backpack. If even such a practical item has a high quality, that’s a very clear statement. It shows where and how you set your priorities. Plus, it could be the icing on the cake of a good outfit. I’m thinking lots of layers, earthy hues, wool, cashmere, linen and an end-of-time ziggy-chen look. In my opinion, something like that can use a good backpack.

REASON NO. 5 – It is safe and yet easy to use. 

A leather backpack with a good lock is a great place to store your valuables. And as long as you don’t leave it somewhere, it will be in a safe place on your back. In big cities, the most important thing is that you close it tightly and do not stow anything important in the attached pockets. Or you just wear it with the front facing your back or chest. Your important things would be best stored in a belt bag that you can carry close to your body. 


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